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Lait U

Piel Grasa/Propensa al Acné

  • Limpiador muy suave de base botánica para todo tipo de piel. Ideal para adolescentes, pieles grasas y propensas al acné. Fácil de aplicar, suave y calmante, no deja residuos. Aplicar unas gotas de limpiador por todo el rostro y enjuagar con agua fría. También se puede utilizar como desmaquillador de ojos, no irrita los ojos.
    • Elimina suavemente el maquillaje y las impurezas.
    • Limpia y elimina el exceso de grasa
    • Calma y suaviza
    • Hidrata y repone
    • Sobre todo el rostro, cuello y escote.
    • Aplicar una pequeña cantidad de Lait U en rostro, cuello y escote.
    • Emulsionar con pequeños movimientos circulares.
    • Retire con almohadillas ligeramente húmedas o enjuague con esponjas. Repita hasta que se hayan eliminado todas las impurezas y el maquillaje.
    • Seque con un pañuelo.
  • Agente relipidante y emoliente:
    -Aceite de avellanas.
    Agente calmante y suavizante:
    -Aceite de Almendras Dulces.
    Agente antioxidante:
    -Extracto de Germen de Trigo.

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Daissy Ulrich
Love, love, love this product.

I love it so much, my skin feels so soft, hydrated and feel like I give my skin water, before my skin was very dry with some peeling and now feels like when you are thirsty this product makes my skin like feeding with something that I never ever feed before. Definitely is what my skin needed it for years. I Can see the big difference. Thank you so much.

Summer A.
My summer cleanser

I like this during the warmer months since I’m a bit more oily. Definitely worth a try .

evisa kushi
Game changer

Been using for 2 yrs in Europe and my skin has changed a lot. It is the best for combination to oily skin. Leaves the skin clear and hydrated

Oksana Dziuba
Lait U

Absolutely love this cleanser! One of the best cleanser that ever had, especially if you use it as part of your biologique recherche routine.

Lait U is the best!

I have been using Lait U consistently for almost a year now. It’s really an amazing cleanser. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to use anything else. It even removes every trace of my eye makeup. I love that it doesn’t contain phenoxyethanol either, which is a preservative I am sensitive to (and is unfortunately in Lait VIP O2).

The trick is to apply and massage the Lait U in gently for a minute or two, until it becomes very slick and shiny on the skin, and then remove with damp cotton pads or cloth, and then rinse off. This seems to get every trace of my makeup off. I don’t wear waterproof makeup so no guarantees there, but for my makeup it works wonderfully. My skin used to get clogged pores but this method keeps it much cleaner. When I first started using Lait U, I just rinsed it off (not using cotton pads) and that did not work nearly as well. You really need to wipe everything off with cotton before rinsing.