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Loción P50 Capilar para el cuero cabelludo

  • La Loción P50 Capillaire contiene la fórmula central “P50”, así como ingredientes activos específicamente adaptados al cuero cabelludo que ayudarán a reducir la irritación y las escamas.
    Las secreciones de sebo se controlan y por lo tanto el cuero cabelludo se limpia y se reequilibra.

    • Regula el exceso de sebo para reequilibrar el cuero cabelludo
    • Exfolia suavemente el cuero cabelludo
    • Elimina escamas
    • Limpia suavemente y purifica el cuero cabelludo
    • Respeta el cuero cabelludo
    • El cabello es flexible y suave.
  • Por todo el cuero cabelludo seco. Evitar contacto visual.
    Aplicar Lotion P50 Capillaire uniformemente sobre el cuero cabelludo, sección por sección. Masajear suavemente con las yemas de los dedos. No enjuague.
    Esta loción puede ir seguida de un champú. Si lo hace, deje actuar de 5 a 10 minutos.
  • Agentes exfoliantes y reacondicionadores: AHA, BHA, Vinagre de Sidra.
    Agentes seborreguladores: Extracto de Bardana, Extracto de Ortiga Blanca, Extracto de Corteza de Pino.
    Agente anticaspa: Extracto de Jujube.
    Agente depurativo: Cloruro de Magnesio, Vitamina B3.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Vidal Knight

Have only used twice . Will give a review later

Yuliya Barycheuskaya
Had high hopes…

… but it’s really not a miracle in a bottle. Perhaps, I see a slight improvement in my scalp (using it in a combination with seboregulating shampoo). However, the results fell short from the expectations I had when reading the reviews. Sisley seboregulating mask works much better for my scalp. I haven’t tried BB mask, maybe will give it a try. The seboregulating shampoo is OK, not impressive. I honestly had a very similar result with a grocery store brand.

Jennifer L
Love this; BR for the haircare win!

There has been a noticeable decrease in oil production on my scalp since I starting using this. I wash my hair every other day, and usually need to use a ton of dry shampoo on my no-wash days. Since I started using this scalp exfoliant, I hardly need to use any dry shampoo. I am hoping that eventually I won't need dry shampoo at all. It doesn't tingle or burn my scalp, so it's comfortable to wear. It dries down and makes the hair crunchy, so it definitely is to be applied before shampooing, not used during the day. If I wash my hair at night, I apply a few hours before I get in the shower. If I shower in the morning, I apply before going to bed and wash out the next morning. I apply very liberally, and I think the bottle will last at least a couple of months if not longer. I will definitely be repurchasing this when I run out.



Danielle R
Great product

This is the only thing that balances my finicky scalp.