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Suero A-Glyca

  • Biologique Recherche ha adoptado un enfoque innovador para encontrar una solución eficaz para combatir el proceso de glicación; El suero A-Glyca es el resultado.
    Formulado para mantener intactas las fibras de elastina y colágeno, el suero es el aliado perfecto en la lucha para prevenir y atenuar los signos del envejecimiento.
    Este suero innovador se basa en dos ingredientes activos clave: extracto de mimosa y carcinina.
    Gracias al Serum A-Glyca se puede prevenir y contrarrestar la reacción de glicación con una ganancia de 2 años de glicación en 2 meses de uso.
    Reducirá las arrugas y mejorará la uniformidad de la tez.
    La dermis se vuelve más firme y la piel más luminosa.

    • Actúa contra el fenómeno de la glicación
    • Protege las proteínas dentro de la estructura de la piel.
    • Reduce las líneas profundas y las arrugas.
    • Reduce los signos de cansancio en el rostro
    • Contribuye a la firmeza de la piel
    • Aporta luminosidad a la tez
  • Tome unas gotas del Serum A-Glyca.
    Sobre la piel limpia, aplicar el sérum mañana y noche por todo el rostro, cuello y escote con suaves movimientos ascendentes hasta la completa absorción del producto.
  • Ingrediente antiglicación (preventivo):
    Extracto de mimosa (Albizia)
    Ingrediente de deglicación (curativo)):

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
N Hackman
Light and lovely

This feels great on my skin. Lightweight as a serum should be but subtly moisturizing. It's one of my favorite serums from BR. I'm hoping that it works against glycation because my blood sugar levels are always high, so I'm counting on this!

cryst zeng
good product

first time try, it worked great!

Amy A
A must have

I always over looked this serum, but decided to give it a shot. Wow, so glad I did! Never want to be without this now. Makes the skin look so healthy and gooey, and makes it feel smoother somehow. I use this every other day, either under Elastine or any hydrating serum. Love it!

Lauris Laurent

My skin barrier has become compromised after doing a popular at-home derma roller with led which dappled the skin on my forehead and to add more distress to the tragic situation I accidentally thought I was wearing sunscreen when I wasn’t and got an awful sunburn a year ago leaving my skin not the same at all so I have horrifically dehydrated, super textured, uneven skin predominately on my forehead and cheeks. I want to do a clear & brilliant laser to address the issue but honestly feel I need to get my skin healthier first. I’ve tried everything this past year and some things have helped bit by bit but still an abysmal situation. Well, enter Serum A-Glyca. My skin is 70-80% better and it’s been a couple weeks. This is my first BR product and am getting a few more items after discovering that this is a French medical grade line, and unfortunately my skin is too sensitive to do tretinoin at the moment (I overdid it on glycolic acid so sad). This product gives me hope. Will likely repurchase the large bottle next time.

Nakia Short
Love potion

I ❤️ It!!!!!!