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Body Treatments



This is a complex treatment designed to firm skin, improve skin quality and shape the body.

The first step of the treatment is blasting fat cells with an ultrasonic cavitation. Then we use a vacuum bipolar handle to break down the fat cells and flush them out thought the lymphatic system. The last step is using quadrupole radiofrequency to tone skin and restore its elasticity.

For the best results, we recommend to do it once or twice a week for 6 weeks.


$245, 30 minutes

$450, 60 minutes

Palper Rouler - Body-60 minutes, $350 Body and Face-90 minutes, $425

It is a subdermal tissue massage that dislocates fat deposits and accelerates lipolysis (fat melting), which in turn, removes cellulite and tones and remodels the body’s silhouette. It combines manual pinching and rolling massage techniques to break down fat cells, improve the circulation in the lymphatic drainage system, and reduce the appearance of cellulite. I also add my signature touch through the application of Biologique Recherche products during the treatment.

Anti-Cellulite Treatment – 60 min – Upper or Lower Body - $450; 90 min – Full Body - $625

Targets and breaks down areas of cellulite and fat deposits, improves blood circulation, and will visibly firm and tone the skin.  The body is exfoliated with Lotion P50 corps, followed with specific slimming massage techniques, and application of personalized serums and creams using a silicone glove.  Your skin will look radiant, toned, and firmer.  This treatment is recommended once a week for the first two months.

Alleviating Leg Treatment – 30 min Add-on - $245; 60 min – includes cold gauze wrap - $450

Designed for tired, heavy legs and those with swelling and/or poor circulation.  The legs are exfoliated, Lymphatic drainage techniques are applied over our cooling and decongesting products.  The legs are then wrapped with cold gauze and cryosticks are applied for an even more cooling effect.  You will leave with “lighter” legs. 

Only at our Tribeca location:

Detoxifying Massage – 30 min Add-on - $185

Relaxing abdominal massage that opens the lymph channels and promotes proper lymphatic drainage.  Great for water retention, eliminating toxins and improving intestinal transit.  This welcome massage is the first step to Biologique Recherche 60 min body treatments, but can be extended in length or added on to our customized massage.

Exfoliation – 30 min Add-on - $185; 60 min - $275

Application of Lotion P50 corps to the full body using a silicone mitten to accelerate cellular renewal and balance the skin’s pH.  This enhances the efficacy of the personalized products used afterwards. 

Firm Arm Treatment – 30 min Add-on - $245; 60 min - $450

Targets sagging skin of the upper arm and will visibly firm and tone.  It includes exfoliation of the arm with Lotion P50 corps and lift corps, a special lifting and pinching massage technique, cold gauze compress, and the anti-aging serum and cream matriciel.

White Stretch Marks Treatment – 30 min Add-on - $245

Helps reduce the appearance of white stretch marks by stimulating epidermal repair.  Includes exfoliation, special massage technique, and application of Crème B-stria with a silicone glove.

Customized Massage – 60 min - $295; 90 min - $425; 120 min - $525

Relaxing yet therapeutic massage integrating various techniques to address your areas of concern using Biologique Recherche products.  Helps to relieve effects of stress, improve sleep, recover from injuries or surgery, improve posture, etc…

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** Please make note of our cancellation policy:
No-shows and cancellations made less than 24 hours before the scheduled time will be billed at the full treatment rate.

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