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  • Lotion P50 for normal skin

    Exfoliating - Purifying - Mattifying

    Aida says: This should be used by everyone who doesn’t have any skin sensitivity, and has normal to oily skin.
    Lotion P50 formula from Biologique Recherche for all skin types except sensitive, prone to rosacea, or reactive.
    This P50 toner is especially good for teenagers prone to acne breakouts.
    This version Biologique Recherche P50 contains no phenol.

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      • Purifies your skin on daily basis.
      • Regulates secretion of sebum.
      • Helps in epidermal renewal process.
      • Improves the strength and quality of the epidermis.
      • Hydrates the top layers of the epidermis thanks to its keratolytic action.
      • Balances the surface pH of the skin.
      • Improves effectiveness of the other Biologique Recherche products used after it.
      • A multi-function lotion which exfoliates, purifies, cleanses and regenerates the epidermis.
      • Pillar of the Biologique Recherche epidermis reconditioning method.
      • Progressive exfoliation that can be used twice daily.

      • Note :
        - Avoid the exposure to the sun after the application of the product.
        - Not suitable for children.
        - Do not use on irritated skin.
    • All over the face, neck and cleavage.
      Avoid the eye area and contact with eyes.
      The first week: Saturate moistened cotton pads with Lotion P50 and apply to the face, neck and cleavage. Thereafter: Saturate dry cotton pads with the lotion.
      Note! If the product enters the eye, rinse abundantly with clear water for 1 to 2 minutes.
    • Exfoliating, moisturizing, and reconditioning active ingredients:
      Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids, Poly-Hydroxy-Acids and Beta-Hydroxy-Acids, Cider Vinegar, Phytic Acid, Sulphur.
      Purifying and sebum regulation active ingredients:
      Magnesium Chloride, Vitamin B3 (or PP), Horseradish, Burdock, Sorrel, Onion, Myrrh, and Myrtle Extracts, Thyme Essential Oil.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 166 reviews
    Jessica Ibarra (El Paso, US)
    Lotion P50 for normal skin

    A necessity in my skin care routine! I took a break from P50 for a few months thinking I didn’t really need it and noticed a difference in my skin, not in a good way. After using it for a few weeks again, my skin feel smooth and healthy. This particular formula worked best for my dry skin.


    I have tried P50V P50W(hate) & P50V 1970 and definitely like this one more. I have dry skin that is very sensitive with hormonal acne but this one doesn’t irritate my face. It has helps a lot with acne especially when used before masque vivant. I like that there is sulfur in it, that always helps my face a lot. I now want to try the phenol version of this to compare


    It was my free gift from this store. And I like this lotion so much. I will order next time

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