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A scalp treatment for everyone!

This treatment is a game changer. I do not have any scalp dryness but wanted to give this lotion a try to see if it would help with hair growth. After the first use, it felt as if I pressed a reset button. My hair feels revitalized . And now after a month, my hair has never felt healthier.

Creme Hydravit’s
Tsvetelina Benova
Great product

I love the Hydravit’s cream. It definitely airs a difference with my daily routine. I’ve used a few different products for hydration from the same brand and all of them are great.
I would definitely re-purchase .

Creme Contour des Yeux VIP O2

It is very good, apply this before sleep and in the morning and it helps your skin around eyes to look elastic and wrinkles are shown less.

Liposmose Serum Authentique
Raluca Zelinschi
A must

This works for puffy eyes. No cream has ever worked no matter the ingredients.

Power combination of ingredients

This serum somehow delivers powerful clarifying and anti aging ingredients in an elegant delivery system. Incredible!

So far so good!

I love the way it feels on my eyes and lips when I wake up in the morning. I've only been using it for about a month - but so far so good!

Solid serum

Collagene Originel has quickly become my skincare staple. It has lovely texture and my skin feels more refined after a month of use. Will repurchase!

Thickening Conditioner
miriam sirota
Best conditioner

I have fine hair and it doesn’t way it down and easy to comb and style after

Eau Micellaire Cleanser

I LOVE this cleanser as the first step in my routine, both morning and night. It is a gentle yet effective way to remove light makeup, sunscreen, dirt from the face before going in with my milky cleanser.

Nothing like it

My skin has been super dehydrated after Accutane especially around delicate areas like under eye. But it just loves the masque vernix. I use it as a moisturizer and eye cream as it doesn’t make my eyes tear up like some specific eye creams can. My skin is noticeably glowing immediately and even on nights when I struggle with insomnia I’m happy to see that my skin has not suffered the consequences. It’s just really a solid, reliable product.

Route Package Protection
Olha Kovalska
Everything was great

Thank you for my quick delivery and for high quality of services. Special thanks for a presents 🫶🏼

Not generous with samples

The order was satisfactory. It is for product I’ve used for years that is excellent. I just wish Aida was more generous with samples. Both times I’ve ordered it’s been very sparse. These things make a huge difference. I usually buy things that I’ve gotten samples of. Just stating the facts!

BR Serum Extraits Tissulaires

Love this serum. Perfect for sensitive and reactive skin.


so far i love this toner, makes my skin soft and hydrated.

Creme Dermopurifiante
Suzie Aguilera
Aging Fan

I am 55 and have oily skin that still experiences an occasional breakout. Until this cream! If I don’t use it at least every other day I will have a blemish. I can’t live without this cream.

One of my Staples!

It’s a great product. I would order more from Aida if she were a tad generous with samples. They just don’t seem very accommodating or generous. Sorry…those little touches make a difference.

Peptide Lip Treatment
miriam sirota
Best lip treatment

We as a family are using this now. We just went skiing and this is just the best for lips !!

Great product

Really enjoy this product, I've seen an improvement in my skin after just a couple weeks of use. It makes my face feel warm (doesn't burn). Will reorder!

Route Package Protection
Eugina Hutchens
Insurance not worth it

Products leaked all over.

Hi Eugina, thank you for your feedback. We looked into your order and confirmed that you never submitted a claim for the damaged/leaking product with the Route Protection Package. If you bought the Route insurance with us and you received a damaged product, all it requires is three easy steps to submit a claim. Please visit and provide your email and order number. Second step is selecting 'Damaged' option which will then prompt you to provide your phone number so they can verify your order. Please let us know if you need further assistance by emailing us at

We believe the Route Package Protection is worthwhile because it provides insurance for packages that are lost, stolen or damaged during transit. Moreover, it ensures that customers get what they paid for and allows for easy re-ordering with one simple click.

Thank you and have an amazing day!
-Aida Bicaj Team

Cream Mega
Georgina Vasquez
Cream mega

Am really enjoying using and love the hydration.

Moisturizing and brightening

I really like this essence as I find it to be moisturizing and brightening. I use it both under my moisturizer to start my day and throughout the day to refresh my glow.

Fluide VIP O2
Fluide VIP 02

Love this mixed with the tinted serum

Trusted Provider

I depend on Aida Bicaj to provide me with products in a very efficient manner - from an order request to receiving the product. It never fails. It is quick, efficient and dependable. That is all one can ask for. Susan S.

Best eye serum. So hydrating and not greasy !!!!

Modukine Cream
Courtney Dimling
Gentle and nourishing

Love MBR and this line - specifically as someone with rosacea