Serum Dermopore

  • Biologique Recherché Serum Dermopore is a rebalancing serum that helps tighten dilated pores, prevent blackheads formation and improve irregularities of the skin grain.
    Recommended for seborrheic or thick skin instants with dilated pores.

    • Tightens dilated pores.
    • Prevents pore dilation and comedone formation.
    • Refines irregularities of the skin grain.
    • Regulates sebaceous secretion.
    • Evens out the complexion.
    • Visibly reduces the size of pores.
    • Pores are less visible, skin grain is smoother.
    • Intensive treatment for a healthier and more balanced skin.
    • Skin is less shiny and regreases less quickly, imperfections are reduced.
    • A treatment for a perfectly matt and uniform complexion.
    • An essential product for dilated pore issues.
  • To the face, neck and décolleté.
    Avoid contact with eyes. External use only.
    Extract 1 ml (20 drops) of Sérum Dermopore.
    On clean skin, apply the serum to the whole face, neck and décolleté by lightly massaging upwards until complete absorption of the product.
    Apply well on the median zone wich is generally denser in sebaceous glands.
  • Composition
    Orthosiphon Extract (Java Tea) rich in polyphenols

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Loreta Papakostandini
It really works

I think this serum is the real deal!

Noelle Moorad
Dermopore serum and Iribiol serum

Combo of the two serums in areas with large pores are cleaned out like magic. I cannot wait to add more BR products to my regimen!

Alex W
Does what it says!

I use it during the day specifically when I don’t want to shine.

Best Mask

Loved mask VIP02. First time I used it was after a long flight back home. I was so tired and I was looking it. My face felt so fresh and hydrated after one use. I like to use this to pamper myself when I’ve had a long day or on the weekends for a little self care.

Pamela Cruz
Miracle serum

It really did shrink the pores on my nose and cheeks. My T zone is happy with this on my vanity.