Serum Yall-O2

  • This serum stimulates the fullness of skin and lips, combating the effects of dehydration and aging, while reducing the size and depth of lines and wrinkles.
    It reinforces skin’s elasticity and forms a protect layer over the skin.

    • Plumping effect on the fullness of the face and lips.
    • Revitalizes and reinforces the skin’s elasticity.
    • Forms a protective film over the skin.
    • Promotes optimal skin hydration levels.
    • Increases and restructures the fullness of the skin and lips.
    • Major weapon against dehydration and aging, highly targeted action.
    • Reduces the size and depth of lines and wrinkles and restores the skin’s smooth appearance.
    • Leaves the skin visibly refreshed and regenerated.
    Note :
    - An alternative to microinjections.
  • Apply to the whole face, neck and cleavage. Apply a few drops of Sérum Yall~O2 to the eyes contour, the whole face, neck, cleavage and lips in the morning and/or evening.
    This product is applied as the finishing touch to your Biologique Recherche skin care program.
  • Antioxidiant and protective agent:
    Pomegranate Extract.
    Regenerating and healing agents:
    Hibiscus and Lily Extracts.
    Hydrating agents:
    Hyaluronic Acid, 10% Marine Collagen, Natural Moisturizing Factors.
    Oxygenating agent:
    Specific BR Oxygenating Complex - Nanotechnology formulation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Yuliia Pohrebna

Glow skin after it

Monica Barros


Madhawi Abdulrahman

Serum Yall-O2

Ana Cristina
Expensive but so worth it!!

Serum Yall-O2 is an Amazing hydrating serum.
Feels silky and nourishing. I Love all the BR serums I have tried but this one is definitely a keeper. Love using it at night time, the results in the morning are amazing- glowing plump nourishing skin. Will definitely repurchase.

Jaime Brand

Really liked this serum, applied in the evening to wake up with plump and glowy skin. Would repurchase again