Cell-Power Cream Deodorant Sensitive

Sensitive Skin

  • A mild, nourishing cream deodorant for sensitive skin. Perfect all-day protection without aluminium salts.

    • Ensures reliable freshness all day long
    • Especially mild, suitable even for sensitive skin and after hair removal
    • Cares for sensitive underarm skin, alcohol-free

  • Directions
    Apply after your daily cleansing routine and massage into the skin with the applicator.

  • Ingredients
    Deoplex, powdered oyster shells, Sym-Deompp, starch powder, citric acid ester, magnolia extract

Customer Reviews

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Amy Kaleka (Madison, US)
Fantastic deodorant!!

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this but I love it!! It’s a cream and stays present throughout the say, and I love the smell of it!! Trying to stay free of the toxins found in deodorants, this is an amazing replacement. It is pricey, but I love the way MBR exfoliant smells and this is the same smell. Will see how long it lasts, but I don’t get any breakouts on my skin or in the underarms.