Cell-Power Hornskin Reducer

Dry and Rough Skin

“Nourishing Hornskin Smoother” A specialized, intensely smoothing and nourishing foot treatment. Cell-Power Hornskin Reducer removes excess callus and loosens dry, rough and chapped skin while deeply hydrating components balance the skin’s moisture content. After prolonged use, there is a noticeable refinement of the skin’s surface structure as well as long-lasting moisturization, leaving the feet with a refreshed feeling of weightlessness. Well suited for even the most dry, sensitive and irritated skin.
    A specialized, intensely smoothing and nourishing foot treatment, relieves dry, rough and chapped skin.
    • Removes excess callus
    • Reduces further emerge of callus
    • Balances moisture content and increases ability to retain moisture
    • Antiseptic, soothing and anti-inflammatory
    • Smoothes skin’s surface structure, leaving a silky soft feel
  • Apply cream to feet daily. Use small circular movements and light pressure on the sole of the foot and in the area of the calluses.
  • Phytosan – Complex of proteins form organic soyabeans, counteracting against biological and UV-induced skin aging and energy loss and stimulates the skin’s regenerative functions. Supports DNA repair effectiveness and high epidermal cell quality.
  • Apricot Kernel Oil – Nourishing oil, rich in antioxidant vitamins (Vitamin A, C, E) for smooth and calm skin.
  • Shea Butter – Rich in Phytosterols that deeply nourish and regenerate the skin, promotes cell differentiation and increases the epidermal thickness.

Customer Reviews

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M (Hollywood, US)

This product works beyond expectations.

miriam sirota (East Hampton, US)

It’s better than a pedicure. My feet and toes are so soft!!!