For Red Stretch Marks

  • Result: R-STRIA is a treatment to prevent and alleviate red stretch marks by decreasing inflammation and reconstructing the dermal fibres.
    Product description:Crème R- STRIA is a treatment specially formulated to prevent the appearance of stretch marks and treat early and inflammatory red stretch marks. Rich in soothing actives and stimulating the dermal reconstruction, the crème-gel R- STRIA will help to reduce the appearance of red stretch marks.The crème-gel R-STRIA is indicated for inflammatory stretch marks Skin Instants ©.
    • Soothes inflammatory stretch marks
    • Tones and firms the epidermis
    • Refines and smooth’s the skin’s texture
    • Stimulates dermal reconstruction
    • Prevents the formation and reduces the appearance of stretch marks
  • Salon treatment for the attack phase of the anti-red stretch mark treatment: 3 treatments during the first month and then 1 treatment a month for 2 months. At home, apply Crème R-STRIA gel-cream in the morning and evening using a smoothing or gentle massaging motion, in ascending direction over the areas to be treated. Its formula is quickly absorbed so you can get dressed directly after application.Optimal duration of treatment: 2 months
  • Lipid reconditioning active ingredients:
    Pichia Anomala Extract, Blackcurrant Butter, Raspberry Seed Oil.
    Moisturizing active ingredients:
    Natural Botanical Polysaccharide, Hyaluronic Acid and Rhizobium Complex.
    Actives that help synthesis collagen and elastin:
    Bean extract, rutin extract and biomimetic peptides.
    Actives that optimise the reorganisation of the dermal fibres:
    Saw palmetto oil extract.
    Toning actives:
    Black crowberry juice.
    Soothing actives:
    Black crowberry juice and polysaccharide rich in rhamnose.
    Actives that activate skin microcirculation:
    Arnica flowerbased complex, Solomon’s seal and cypress cones.

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