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  • Crème MSR-H Corps offers nourishing anti-ageing skincare, with a targeted formulation that takes account of the changes in skin and body contours as hormonal activity slows down.

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  • Eyes 27

    Anti-Aging - Decongesting - Brightening

    Eyes 27 is a complete eye contour care: anti-aging, multi-corrective anti-wrinkle, anti-puffiness and dark circles. The formula is an exceptional combination of active ingredients of natural origin whose effectiveness has been proven by clinical tests. A light and comfortable texture with high penetration that gently treats the eye contour area that needs to be revived.
    An exceptional remedy, Eyes 27 restructures the fragile eye contour area exposed to ageing to reduce the visible signs of age, fatigue and stress. The features are relaxed and smoothed, and wrinkles, fine lines and the appearance of dark circles and puffiness are significantly reduced. ** The eyes regain their radiance and youthfulness.
    90% find their eye contour visibly lifted
    86% find their eye contour area moisturized and more luminous after use
    76% say that the appearance of puffiness and dark circles is visibly reduced
    -28% decrease in the total surface area of crow's feet wrinkles
    -25% decrease in the number of crow's feet wrinkles
    -25% decrease in the total length of crow's feet wrinkles
    * Self-assessment test performed on 21 volunteers for 28 days under dermatological and ophthalmological control (2 applications/day)
    ** Clinical tests carried out on 21 volunteers for 28 days on the anti-dark circle and anti-puffiness effects by clinical scoring and on the anti-wrinkle effect by image analysis.
    Suitable for all skin types. Recommended for eye contours with wrinkles, loss of volume and elasticity and lack of radiance.
    Apply Eyes 27 in the morning and evening to the eye contour area. Apply a dose equivalent to a grain of rice on each lower eyelid and massage up to the temple (crow's feet).
    Eyes 27 can be used with Baume 27 for a complete anti-aging and repairing treatment.
    Do not apply in case of dermatological treatment prescribed by the doctor - In case of reaction or intolerance, stop immediately the application and consult a doctor - External use reserved to the adult.
    CICA-MA2TM Complex (Asiaticoside, Madecassoside, Asiatic Acid):
    Plant nicknamed "longevity plant", and also called tiger grass or Gotu Kola, it has been used for over 3,000 years in traditional Indian and Asian medicine. Naturally found in tropical areas, the Centella Asiatica chosen by Cosmetics 27 is exceptionally rich in active molecules and grown in Madagascar. The brand's signature plant, the CICA-MA2TM complex is composed of 3 purified extracts of Centella Asiatica. This complex has been tested for its exceptional repairing and regenerating properties on the skin.
    Formula 98% natural origin / active ingredients 18%: extracts of natural origin of Centella Asiatica (CICA-MA2TM complex), Hibiscus, White Tea, Black Coffee, Black Wheat, Kombucha and Ground Ivy, hyaluronic acid, natural squalane (extracted from the olive tree), distilled waters of Lettuce and Lemon Balm.
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