Hyalogy PD Cream Pack

Mature Skin


  • Peptide-based face mask


    • Powerful rejuvenation and lifting
    • Reduction of wrinkles and fine lines
    • Hydration and nutrition
    • Cell regeneration and improvement of skin texture
    • Antioxidant protection
    Indications:Mature skin; wrinkles and fine lines; loss of elasticity; skin with signs of gravitation ptosis; dehydrated and dry skin; skin prone to redness; stressed skin; photo- damaged skin
    Recommended age: 40+
    Contraindications: Individual intolerance to ingredients.

    This facial mask is enriched with biomimetic peptides and is particularly designed for comprehensive rejuvenation of the more mature skin. The mask has powerful regenerating and lifting effects, reduces the depth of wrinkles and fine lines and effectively moistens and nourishes the skin. This product boosts collagen production, stimulates the synthesis of intracellular dermal components and restores the structure of the skin. The mask is particularly recommended for individuals above 40 years, with dehydrated, dry and dull skin.
    • Apply evenly 5ml of the mask on the face, neck and décolleté, using a cosmetic spatula or a brush
    • Massage the face along the massage lines.
    • Leave for 20 minutes
    • Remove with a warm wet compress
  • Nutrition and softening:
    Theobroma grandiflorum seed butter
    Improvement of skin texture and structure:
    Caprooyl tetrapeptide – 3
    Acetyl hexapeptide – 8
    Palmitoyl tripeptide – 5
    Palmitoyl tetrapeptide - 7
    Amino acids
    Hydration and moisture balance:
    Sodium hyaluronate
    Hydrolyzed egg shell membrane
    Hydrolyzed conchiolin protein (Pearl protein)
    Sodium chondroitin sulfate
    Hydrolized keratin and elastin
    Antioxidant protection and anti-ageing:
    Mineral balance:
    ionized minerals (Ca2+, K+, Zn 2+, Na+, Mg2+) (Forlle’d patented)

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