About body care as part of your skincare regimen

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About body care as part of your skincare regimen - Huile Benefique
This is the time of year that we usually pay particular attention to our face, but we forget all about the rest of our body.  If you want to prevent aging and creepy skin by age 40, you need to start preventing in your 20's. If you are experiencing dry elbows and flaky skin and are not exfoliating , then the cream you are applying is sitting on top of your skin. You must exfoliate once a week to remove dead skin cells and open the pores to allow the cream to penetrate into the If you really want smooth and glowing skin add P50 for the Body daily with the silicone glove on dry skin in an upward motion. Then apply Future Lemuria Phytomarine Body Cream or Biologique Recherche Emulsion Originelle Regenerante Corps

 For that extra glow, we recommend Biologique Recherche Huille Benefique (nourishing oil) or Body Oxygenant (oxygenating oil) mixed into one of the above creams. These products should be used daily for maximum benefits.  This week we discussed the importance of exfoliating and hydrating the body, next week we will follow up with how to prevent cellulite and anti cellulite treatments.

Aida and the Team