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How to protect your skin in extreme weather conditions

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Lotion P50V 1970 - How to protect your skin in extreme weather conditions
As the weather changes we need to protect the skin from extreme weather conditions as it can cause severe long term reactions to the skin.Its important to cleanse and prepare the skin and to have the pores breathing to accept whatever we want to put on the skin - & stimulate blood circulation which can reduce the appearance of fine lines, even skin tone and make the skin more glowing.
We suggest the following :
1.) First cleanse the skin with Lait Vip02 (for normal or skin prone to sun damage) Lait Ev (finer, drier skin) or Lait U (younger ,teenage skin)
2.)Then of course apply your P50 V or W for this weather condition today in NYC
3.) Mask VIP02- (for brightening, calming) or Mask Visolastine( for very dry skin)
4.) Apply Future Beauty Drops #1 (for sensitive skin)
#2 (for mature, dehydrated skin) #3 (for balancing the skin)
5.) Future Extreme Creme #1 (Sensitive skin) #2 (Mature, dehydrated skin) #3 (for balancing the skin)
For everybody who has dryness , at night apply Creme Masque Vernix , with Future Bio Vitale serum on top . This serum is rich with vitamins and plant based extracts which helps shield the skin from harsh weather conditions.
6.) And of course we finish with BioKiss for the lips
Please be advised that even with the best skin care products that good nutrition reflects on the skin. Stay away from dairy, sugar and wheat if you have dry, patchy skin, Drink lots of water with lemon to help keep the body alkaline.
Next week we will inform you the best products to use for your hair and body.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions
Have a great weekend!
Aida Bicaj