Aida Bicaj - Biologique Recherche reviewed by Brooklyn Blonde

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Aida Bicaj - Biologique Recherche reviewed by Brooklyn Blonde

Brooklyn Blonde

Where: Upper East Side (30 East 67th Street, fifth floor; 212-861-1007).

How Much? A facial with Aida is $640; with another associate it’s $300-$450, depending on what facial you choose.

Aida Bicaj was my first foray into “fancy facials” and it was the start of something dangerous (in the best possible way). I discovered Aida shortly after I discovered Biologique Recherche P50, after reading that she primarily uses the Biologique line throughout the entire treatment. After that bit, I also found out that it was Jenna Lyons favorite place and I was further sold. It was after leaving my first appointment, that I began to understand why some women become obsessed with skincare maintenance that goes beyond their at-home routine. An appointment with Aida herself is a small fortune (these days, it’s over $600!!), but since that visit, I’ve seen her other associates and have been equally as impressed.

Star Product: Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 1970